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  • Gason Planters & Cultivators

    Specify a Machine to Suit Your Farming Conditions

    The Gason range of tined implements offers farmers the opportunity to specify a machine best suited to their overall requirements. Choose the overall width to suit your tractor and conditions and select from a variety of row spacings. Many machines offer a choice of floating hitch or rigid pull.

    Other choices are also available. Both shanks and ground tools are easily changed in the field, providing further versatility and allowing you to switch between conventional till and zero/minimum till. Choose between spring tines with 400 or 540 lbs breakout force, or hydraulic tines with up to 680 lbs breakout force.

    ScariTILL refers to spring tine machines and HydraTILL denotes hydraulic tines.


    • Conventional working with sweeps
    • Minimum till or no till with knife points
    • Controlled traffic - 2, 3 or 4m
    • Accommodates mounted press wheels and/or coulters (only available on spacings 250mm or greater)


    • Conventional working with sweeps
    • Minimum till or no till with knife points
    • Controlled traffic - 2, 3 or 4m
    • Hydraulic breakout with soft recoil
    • Precision agriculture with optional parallelograms, constant seed depth with banding if required
    • Accommodates mounted press wheels and/or coulters (only available on spacings 250mm or greater)

    Para-Maxx 150 Series

    (Australian Patent No. 2010201330)
    • Parallelogram planter with independent hydraulic adjustment on both coulter and tines.
    • Strong and reliable 3 row frame.
    • Double Disc Seeder - Fitted with single or double press wheels
    • Manufactured from high grade steel

  • Frame Combinations


    controlled 2m

    Controlled Traffic Frame – Row Crop 2m – Narrow Transport (NT8000)

    controlled 2m

    Controlled Traffic Frame - Row Crop 2m

    cultivator ct 3m

    Controlled Traffic Frame - Row Crop 3m

    cultivator ct 4m
    Controlled Traffic Frame - Row Crop 4m

    cultivator con narrow
    Conventional Traffic Frame - Narrow

    cultivator con wide sf

    Conventional Traffic Frame - Single Fold

    cultivator con wide df

    Conventional Traffic Frame - Double Fold

  • depth_control

    Depth Control

    Gason tine release geometry maintains a more constant sowing depth because of the relationship between the pivot point and ground tool. Tines tend to move horizontally rearwards before rising.


    Exceptional Trash Clearance

    Gason tillage planter bars provide exceptional trash clearance with the cleanest underframe design in the business.

    • Up to 760 mm maximum underframe clearance
    • No tine towers below the frame
    • No springs below the frame
    • Five row frame with minimum 800 mm between rows
    • Total depth of frame 3.8 metres

    Press Wheels

    Users of press wheels report better utilisation of soil moisture and quicker germination, especially in drier conditions.

    Available in either tine or frame mounted.

    • mounts left or right of tine (frame mounted wheels)
    • greasable, hardened bushes in all pivot points
    • variable height settings for large range of underframe clearances
    • variable wheel pressure via adjustable spring settings
    • wide range of tyre profiles available
    • can be stored in a pin-up position if not in use – no tools required
    • arm pivot allows self-alignment when turning (frame mounted wheels)
    • Integral hub tapered roller bearings & seals (frame mounted wheels)
    • Two sealed deep-groove roller bearings (parallelogram wheels)

    Frame mounted press wheels are an economical option to achieve independent localised ground-following ability. Sowing boots can be mounted on the press wheel arm for better seed depth control.

    For optimum seed placement, the Gason parallelogram press wheel assembly can be fitted to the HydraTILL tine assembly. The parallelogram linkage system provides a constant working angle & depth of the seeding tine/sowing boot as it follows the ground contour.

    Optional scrapers with tungsten tiles are available to
    stop soil buildup in sticky conditions.

    Rigid Pull or Floating Hitch

    Both ScariTILL™ and HydraTILL® come with the choice of either rigid pull or a floating hitch. Each has its advantages depending on your conditions. All hitches are fitted with mechanical parking jacks, safety tow chains and replaceable hitch pin bush.

    Floating hitch
    Floating hitch is the ideal choice for uneven ground. It is hinged at the frame attach points. The entire weight of the machine is carried on two rows of wheels (in frame and out front) allowing it to closely follow contours regardless of the tractor’s position. Frame attach pivots use replaceable bushes.
    Rigid pull
    Rigid Pull is often a better choice where paddocks are fairly flat because considerable weight is transferred to the drawbar improving traction. Horsepower requirements are usually lower. The hitch tongue is adjustable to cater for different drawbar heights and working depths.
    Hydraulic hitch height adjustment available on rigid pull models


    Controlled Traffic

    Controlled traffic farming reduces soil compaction. It reduces draft and can reduce tractor fuel consumption.

    Both ScariTILL™ and HydraTILL® are available in controlled traffic versions with wheel spacings of 2m, 3m and 4m.


    Large singles
    Standard on all controlled traffic models or by request on some models.
    Walking wheels are excellent at following contours and maintaining an even seed depth. They are especially suited to rocky conditions. Walking beam wheels can assist with depth variation.


    Precise, Long-Lasting Hydraulics

    Gason fits only the best quality hydraulic components for precise control and reduced maintenance.

    • PTE depth control phasing cylinders, heavy rod type with mechanical depth stops fitted to master cylinders
    • Relief valve fitted to a depth control circuits to protect cylinders from excessive loads (circuit pressure limited to 1500psi)
    • 60 micron in-line filters fitted to all circuits
    • Double braid non-skive hoses (1/2” bore on depth control circuit)
    • Dual pilot check valves on depth control circuit isolates tractor hydraulics and prevents creeping
    • In-line restrictors in both wing fold and depth control circuits for safety
    • Hydraulically fold wings from the tractor
    • No locking pins to remove

    Hardened Hinges

    Heavy duty hardened and Molycoated pins and bushes minimise wear and maintain wing hinge alignment (Excludes SWFH and HWFH double fold range).

    Grease nipples are fitted in pin ends for easy accessibility. Grooves machined into the pins also help grease distribution.

  • Total Tine Technology (ScariTILL & HydraTILL Only)

    ScariTILL™ offers standard spring release tines with two optional breakout forces and HydraTILL®’s hydraulic release mechanism provides variable adjustment and a soft return mechanism.

    Tine assembly towers are mounted above the toolbar for maximum trash clearance. Choose from two types of shanks, both with vertical adjustment.

    Spearpoint shanks are available with male or female adapters. Double bolt shanks are available with either 47º or 50º forged feet.

    Vertical adjustment allows tines to be placed lower behind the tractor wheels to maintain a constant sowing depth.

    Vertical adjustment is perfect for raised beds.

    Tine depth can be varied across the frame to follow the contour of the beds.

  • Para-Maxx1501


    Gason Para-Maxx - 150 Series

    World's leading parallelogram planter with independent hydraulic adjustment on both coulter and tines.


    The 3 row frame of the Gason Para-Maxx* 150 is the heart and soul of this mighty planter.

    Manufactured from 150mm x 150mm x 9mm (Grade 450) RHS steel, it is braced and strengthened for durability and reliability. The 3 row design and tine layout allows excellent trash flow through the machine and is ‘roomy’ so you can work in and around it quite easily to change implements and make adjustments to points and tines.

    The under-frame clearance of 750mm allows operators to work on adjustments to tines etc and it gives excellent clearance for trash flow. The high clearance is also ideal when the machine is being transported.

    Adaptable Row Spacings

    Change row spacing from say, 333 to 666, is easy using the tractor hydraulics.

    Lower the frame with the hydraulics so all the planter units are in the sowing position. Then lock out the individual units using the Gason ‘Lock Out Bracket’. When the Para-Maxx is lifted only the working units will remain in ground contact and the others will remain locked in the ‘Up’ position, out of the way.

    paramaxx150 three in one

    Three Machines In One

    A Gason Para-Maxx will be one of the most used machines on your property.

    The system allows various attachments to perform:

    • Conventional working
    • Planting with tines
    • Planting with discs

    Row Unit

    The Para-Maxx* 150 Series Parallelogram is fitted with tines manufactured from 75mm x 25mm high carbon spring steel . It is an ideal tool for primary working and weed control and a variety of points can be fitted from knife points to sweeps, depending on the application.

    Adjusting the depth of the tine is simple. The tine and its holder has a number of holes along its length and by moving the location pin adjustments can be made in minutes. Simply raise the toolbar using the Para-Maxx* hydraulics and make the adjustments by moving the adjusting pin and keeper to the desired depth.

    The break-out pressure on the Para-Maxx* 150 can be set up to 450kg (1,000lbs).

    There are three optional tine configurations - spear point, knife point and 51 degree double bolt hole shank for conventional tools such as sweeps.

    paramaxx150 coulter


    The Gason Coulter fitted to the 150 Series Para- Maxx* has proven itself in all soil types and in crops of every description from wheat stubble to corn stalk to fallow.

    The Gason Coulter consists of a large 450mm (18”) boron steel disc which has 2 rubberised steel gauge wheels fitted either side.

    When the coulter is properly adjusted the rubberised steel gauge wheels ‘holds’ the trash to the ground and the steel disc cuts a ‘track’ through trash and/or stubble allowing the following tine an easier passage. Coulter pressure can be adjusted from the tractor seat, on the run.

    The Gason Coulter provides tine depth control to maintaining a constant sowing or working depth.

    Using the coulter is easy - lighten the pressure if the coulter starts to ‘bulldoze’, increase pressure if the coulter skips. Ideally the rubber wheel on the coulter should ‘just make contact’ with the ground.

    paramaxx150 press wheels

    Press Wheels

    Press wheels can help to create excellent soil to seed contact which can improve germination.

    The Gason Para-Maxx* 150 Series is fitted with 450mm (18”) single press wheels.

    When a twin disc opener is used – Twin 380mm (15”) press wheels or single press wheels can be fitted.

    All are fitted with a high lift position so they can be lifted up and out of operation when not required. In this way they do not need to be removed from the machine when not in use.

    All press wheels allow for quick and easy adjustment to downward pressure using a spanner.

    There are a range of wheel profiles available to suit your crop and application.

    paramaxx150 hydraulics


    The Para-Maxx* 150 Series has a dual hydraulic system control for the Coulter and the Tine. It also has a separate circuit to control the frame depth as well as another circuit to fold the machine.

    The separate coulter and tine pressure circuits incorporate a ‘single point of management’ in the tractor cabin to independently adjust hydraulic pressure for the coulters and tines to match changing soil types and / or conditions.

    Tine pressures can be adjusted in the range 160kg to 500kg (350lbf to 1,100lbf).

    Pressures on the coulter can be adjusted in the range of 90kg to 500kg (200lbf to 1,100lbf).

    Also by finely adjusting the coulter and tine pressures, fuel savings may be obtained. (It is noted fuel usage is also influenced by many other factors including tractor engines efficiency, soil type, moisture and so on.)

    *Australian Patent No. 20102011330

    Trailed wheeled, soil engaging equipment by nature cannot be assured of tracking straight as the machine will always take the least line of resistance. Some factors which can influence the machine from tracking straight include: working on sides of hills, uneven & non homogeneous ground surfaces (due to topography & history of tillage/other practices), unsymmetrical forces from ground engaging attachments, machine design & combinations of trailing equipment. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure our equipment tracks straight, additional assistance may be required in the form of GPS-controlled wheel or hitch steering to gain more stable tracking.