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Research & Development


Gason's success as a market leader in Australia is attributable to its foresight in investing heavily in Research & Development (R&D) and diversifying its product ranges while, at the same time, focusing on its strengths. Employing a team of highly skilled design engineers and by using the most modern design and development software and practices, Gason are able to capitalise on evolutionary aspect of market development as well as revolutionary development within its product lines.

Gason has remained close to its primary producer markets and the woodheating industry by monitoring trends in all aspects of plant husbandry practices and in energy and heating evolution, seeking and listening to feedback from Australia’s end user customers in each of their chosen markets.

Through R&D and innovation, Gason continues to develop better ways of doing business, improving its product ranges and marketing those products more effectively in existing and new markets.

Gason is an ISO9001 (Licence QEC5617) manufacturer.